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RBR50 Smart Parental Control Revert


RBR50 Smart Parental Control Revert

I recently saw a button message to upgrade from Circle to Netgear's smart parental control on my RBR50 Orbi. So I clicked it and after the reboot, now I see no parental controls menu option. I determined that this feature was not supported on the model and now I would like to revert back to using Circle. How do I get my Circle back on the router? Does this call for a factory reset?

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Smart Parental Control Revert

Netgear has set up a community forum specifically for the Circle product. Most of the people who watch that forum are more likely to have experience with Circle and know how to work it better than those of us who follow this "general Orbi" forum. Might be more likely to find someone who has a solution if the question is posted there:


Please use this link to the main forum product list to review and choose where to make your posts. 
Thank you.

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Re: RBR50 Smart Parental Control Revert

Hi @emitchell321


Please provide the router firmware version and Orbi app version. 


This link may help you out:

Why can’t I see the NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls tile in the Orbi or Nighthawk app after upgradin...



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