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Samsung Android Tablet always online

We got the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 for my son to use for talking to friends and some light gaming.  I have added it to his Circle profile but found that this device seems to chew up his "Active" time even when not in use.  I had the same issue with a Roku Premier that seemed to always be talking to Google DNS IP addresses.


He has been at school all day and not online yet his time limit is already hit because of that tablet.  I have to remove it from his profile then add it once he gets home.


Is this a common issue and are there any known workarounds for this?

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Re: Samsung Android Tablet always online

Hi PSUHammer, 


I'll check in with our product team regarding this and get back to you as soon as possible.


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Re: Samsung Android Tablet always online

For the record, the tablet uses Android OS and acts similar to an Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy

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