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iOS app "Unable to find Circle"


iOS app "Unable to find Circle"

I have an Orbi RBK40 with one satelite. Everything has been working fine for months and this morning my iPhone Circle app cannot connect to the Circle service on the Orbi. The message I get is "Unable to find Circle". The Orbi router and WiFi network is working fine, all my devices are still connected to the internet, it's just that the iPhone Circle app can't connect to administer the parental controls. The weird thing is the Circle app on my iPad is still connected and works fine, I can change settings, give rewards etc. Works fine.


I've tried power cycling the Orbi router, deleting and re-installing the Circle app on my phone, and tried setting up the app again by trying to "Find Circle" (I just get the Darn, Can't find Circle message. Any ideas, because this is stupid? There seems to be no support options on the Circle by Disney website at all, apart from a lame knowledge base.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: iOS app "Unable to find Circle"

Hi @benhaldenby,


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