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Automatic (curr: 0.6.2)

Automatic 0.6.2

  • Description:
    Automatic is an RSS downloader for Linux based systems, that grabs your favorite torrents based on filters you specify.
    It was designed to integrate with the popular BitTorrent client Transmission ( Any torrents grabbed by Automatic are directly added to Transmission, effectively making it an auto-downloader.

  • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.2.9+

  • Platform: Intel

  • Current Version: automatic_0.6.2-readypro-0.9.2.bin

  • Details:

    • This addon contains the automatic binary (located in /usr/local/bin) and a sample configuration file /etc/automatic.conf-sample.

    • It doesn't provide a graphical or web based setup, you have to rename the supplied sample config and edit the file as needed

  • Donations:
    If you like this addon, please donate.
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Posts: 3,146
Registered: ‎2008-01-15

Re: Automatic (curr: 0.6.2)

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