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  • Description: Firefly/Itunes Web client for Iphone

  • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.2.3+ and PHP Addon

  • Platform: x86

  • Current Version: 2.3
    CrossFire 2.3 (07/03/2009)

    • PHP core no more included in it

    • updated to 0.6.0 beta

    • Browser independend AJAX routines

    • A brand new skin for Desktop Browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and IE supported)

    • Session based caching for improved loading speeds

    • Server based caching for offloading the FireFly Server

    • Last.FM integration, displaying album information, similar artists and other albums.

    • JWPlayer integration featuring sound visualisation and playlist support

    • Export libraries, so you can also listen using your favorite player (WinAMP, Windows Media Player etc)

    • Customizable themes for each device

    • Extend themes and functionality using your own javascript engine.

  • Installation Notes:
    install the php add-on first if not already done
    FireFly must be running on the nas
    from your Iphone or other product use http://@ip fo the nas/crossfire

  • Screenshots:

  • Old Versions:
    Initial release

  • Credits and Sources :
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