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D(yn)D(ns)Client 3.8.2 (Sparc)

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DDClient 3.8.2

    • Description:
      DDClient is a Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on Dynamic DNS Network Services' free DNS service. DDClient is a small but full featured client requiring only Perl and no additional modules. Supported features include: operating as a daemon, manual and automatic updates, static and dynamic updates, optimized updates for multiple addresses, MX, wildcards, abuse avoidance, retrying failed updates, and sending update status to syslog and through e-mail.


    • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.1.8 or newer


    • Platform: Sparc (Duo, NV, NV+, X6, 1100)



    • Changes in this release:
      - Updated to DDClient 3.8.2


    • Details/Installation:


  • Configuration

      • After installation DDClient will not be running since it has to be configured first. To do this, open Frontview and go to "Services > Installed Add-ons". There, on the "DDClient" pane click on the "Edit Config" button.

      • You will be presented with some example configurations for different Dynamic DNS services. For a more detailed list consult the Supported Protocols page of the DDClient wiki. An example for the DNS-O-Matic service is shown in the picture below.

      • Note: Don't forget to add those backslahes as shown in the example. They are needed for the whole config file is interpreted as one single line by the DDClient daemon.

    • Once you are satisfied with your settings click on the "Save" button. The DDClient service will now start automatically and try to update your Dynamic DNS Service information. To make sure everything is working as expected verify the successful update using the web interface of your Dynamic DNS provider.
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Posts: 3,146
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Re: D(yn)D(ns)Client 3.8.2 (Sparc)

Updated to DDClient 3.8.2 v0.1.4
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