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HeadPhones 0.7c85002

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HeadPhones 0.7c85002

    • Description:
      HeadPhones is for music what SickBeard is for TV shows: An automated search tool that allows you to find and automatically send .nzbs to SABnzbd.


    • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.1.6 or newer (may work with earlier versions but that's untested)
      For this add-on to work,the Python2.6 add-on has to be installed on your ReadyNAS.


    • Platform: Sparc



    • Changes in this release:
      - Updated to latest version from GitHub


  • Details/Installation:

      • After installation of the add-on, HeadPhone's web interface can be accessed by typing http://<ip of your NAS>:8181/ in your browser's address field.As an alternative you can use the quick link from the add-on's section in the "Services" -> "Installed Add-ons" tab within Frontview. You will be presented with a login screen.

      • The default username is admin with a default password of netgear1.

    • After logging in with these credentials please configure HeadPhones to your needs - don't forget to change your password Smiley Wink
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Posts: 3,146
Registered: ‎2008-01-15

Re: HeadPhones 0.7c85002

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