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  • Description: iPhone Plugins for Squeezecenter

    •Main Menu. iPeng is organized like an iPhone app and it features a Main Menu, from which you can access the library, the settings and the Player page called “Playing”. The Main Menu also let’s you select and synchronize Players.
    •Toolbar. iPeng features a button bar on the lower end of any page to access shortcuts to certain browsing features and to get back to the Main Menu. This Toolbar is configurable and can take various commands and links.
    •Library Browser. To select a song you can browse the library by different categories. They are grouped in “standard” browsing called “Browse Library”. Everything in here is supposed to work. And there is “Browse More”, where Browse Playlists, New Music, Search work, Random Mix works but looks bad and Favorites can access but not manage favorites. If you have an iPeng Compatible browse plugins they will show up here as well. The “Album” browse pages (the ones that do have a cover art icon) have a landscape mode that is being activated when the iPhone is turned to the side.
    •Internet Radio and Music Services: iPeng has support for streaming services like ShoutCAST, Pandora or internet radio. Not all of these are tested but a lot works already.
    •Browse Back and Forth. There is a “Home” button on the title bar that gets you back to the next higher level and to the page you visited there.
    •Settings. Selecting the active player (on Main screen) and selecting the sort order for albums (in Browse Library) if supported. Currently no other settings work.
    •Extras. The “Extras” menu shows “Alarm” and “Sleep” as well as plugins that support the iPeng API. See Developers’ Section.
    •Playing. The “Player” page. It features a main view to look at the cover, access the main controls, a playlist view to access the currently active playlist and a plugin view that can be used to access additional information in the context of the current track. Looks a lot like the iPod application but behaves differently in some cases and has a lot more functionality.

  • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.2.1+
  • Platform: PRO/NVX

  • Current Version: 1.2
    IPeng (12/18/08)

    • Based on iPeng 0.5.3 (Penguin Loves Music)

    • only for iPhone with firmware >= 2.0

    • Squeezecenter Version >=7.1 is required

    • solve uninstall bug

  • Installation Notes:

  • Screenshots:

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