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RNWebGuard (Dansguardian)

RNWebGuard (Dansguardian) 2.10.1

  • Description:
    RNWebGuard is a web content filter running on your ReadyNAS. It is a combination of Dansguardian, the well known content filter and Tinyproxy, a blazing fast proxy server with tiny memory footprint and low CPU consumption. Togehter both allow you to filter out unwanted content by pointing your browsers proxy settings to your ReadyNAS (details below).

  • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.2.15

  • Platform: Intel

  • Current Version: RN WebGuard 2.10.1

  • Changes from previous release:
    - None, initial release

  • A little tutorial
    After installation RNWebGuard is already active and running with a set of moderate defaults. To see it in action you have to adjust the proxy settings of your browser. For most browsers you have two options: Either set the proxy in the browser's preferences or tell the browser to use the proxy settings of the operating system. If you choose the "operating system" settings, here's how to set the proxy information for

    Once this is done, point your browser to a site that's most likely offending, for example "". You should now see something similar to this:

    There's a lot of options that influence the way Dansguardian filters web content. All those settings are distributed over various configration files that can be found below the /etc/dansguardian directory. If you feel comfortable on the command line you can log in to your ReadyNAS using SSH (see the EnableRootSSH add-on) and edit the files directly. A more comfortable approach is to use our RNwebGuardConfig add-on which provides a simple and easy to use interface to Dansguardian's config files.

  • Version History:
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