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ReadyWOL 0.1 (x86)

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ReadyWOL 0.1

    • Description:
      ReadyWOL allows you to wake up any Wake-on-LAN enabled system on your network simply by requesting a web page from your ReadyNAS.


    • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.2.15 (may work with earlier versions but that's untested)


    • Platform: Intel



    • Details:
      - Adds the ability to let your ReadyNAS wake WoL-enabled devices on your network
      - Can be protected by password


    • Setup/Usage:
      - After installing the add-on the usual way all you need to do is to call a special URL on your ReadyNAS:
      http://your.readynas.ip/addons/READYWOL/ Very HappyD:EE:FF
      This will wake the device with the MAC address of AA:BB:CCSmiley Very HappyD:EE:FF

      - using the "Services -> Installed Add-ons" tab in Frontview, you can protect the service with a password:

      The password will be in effect immediately after you click the 'Save' button.

      - To use the password with the service URL, just add the 'pass' parameter like so:
      http://your.readynas.ip/addons/READYWOL/ Very HappyD:EE:FF&pass=whateveryouchoose


    • History
      • ReadyWOL_0.1-readypro-0.1.3.bin
        Initial release


  • Donations:
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Posts: 3,146
Registered: ‎2008-01-15

Re: ReadyWOL 0.1 (x86)

Made available again on ReadyWOL_0.1-readypro-0.1.3.bin
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