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A Huge Step Forward for Insight is Here!

Insight 5.0 - A Huge Step Forward for InsightInsight 5.0 - A Huge Step Forward for Insight

Early in the wee hours of Tuesday, July 24th, the NETGEAR team was busy upgrading our Insight ecosystem to revision 5.0. For those who are keeping track, that makes three major revisions in the last 12 months, each bringing more features and more products online to this rapidly progressing solution.


With Insight 5.0, NETGEAR continues to demonstrate our commitment to building out the Insight platform and making it the most affordable and capable 24x7 cloud-based infrastructure management solution in the industry. With 5.0 we have added enhancements to usability, more robust security (2-factor authentication is now an option), new history and logging functions, static routes, STP/RSTP per port, custom PoE configurations and firmware update scheduling to name a few.


We are also proudly announcing the addition of the 52-port Insight switches the GC752X and GC752XP switches with PoE+ as well as 2 SFP (1Gbps) and 2 SFP+ (10Gbps) uplinks. This brings the number of Insight switches to 8, ranging from 10 ports to 52, with lots of PoE+ options in all configurations.


But maybe the most important capability in the new Insight 5.0 iOS and Android apps is the addition of a NETGEAR support portal. With this embedded capability customers can use Insight to review all of the NETGEAR products they have registered, keep track of warranty and support contracts on each device, open chat sessions, support cases and even submit RMAs.


I have always envisioned that Insight is far more than a simple device or even network manager. I want customers and partners to be able to use Insight to get the best possible experience from owning NETGEAR equipment. Insight will help you set up a device, a network, a network application and provision services across your network.


Insight assures that the information and help you need to get your solution up and running is right there in the palm of your hand, wherever you are in the world. I want NETGEAR to be the most accessible and “easy to do business with” small business infrastructure provider. I think that Insight 5.0 is a foundational step in making that happen.


Download the Insight app from Apple’s app store, Google’s Play store to see all of the NETGEAR and Arlo products you have already registered. If you have an Insight premium subscription you can also use your browser at to manage your Insight devices from your PC anywhere in the world.


John McHugh

General Manager NETGEAR Commercial Products


Visit the NETGEAR Insight Forum for more about the Insight Network Management System

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Re: A Huge Step Forward for Insight is Here!


Model: A6100|WiFi USB Mini Adapter
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Re: A Huge Step Forward for Insight is Here!

@jmil101386 Thanks for posting a picture of your NETGEAR Switch. The GS605 is a nice little SoHo switch, great for adding a few unmanaged 1gb ports to your edge network or entertainment center. A nice upgrade to this would be the GS908E adding smart management capabilities and even a high-powered USB port for powering devices like a Google Chromecast. 

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