GS105PE PoE+ Interoperability Issues

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Chiming in here because of some ongoing issues for some GS105PE customers reporting the GS105PE does fall-back to .af on the port 5 PD (powered on PoE+ switches) on various switch models/brands so there is not enough power available to power some more demanding devices - but all within the specs. The issue does not show up in my testing grounds or with my customers, so afraid I can't help - beyond of testing potential updates and fixes for recursions.

-> GS105PE Firmware Update V1.5.0.5 breaks POE passthrough (and no, the problem is not specific).

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Model: GS105PE|ProSafe Plus 5 ports switch with PoE pass through
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Re: GS105PE PoE+ Interoperability Issues

Hi @schumaku,


I inquired this forum thread and other similar forum threads about the GS105PE switch to the higher tier of NETGEAR Support.  As per the higher tier of NETGEAR Support, one of the community members who posted needs to get a valid support ticket raised to the NETGEAR Support Team so that logs can be forwarded to the engineering team for further investigation. 


If ever there is already an ongoing case, a follow-up should be done by the NETGEAR Support Team to get the necessary details such as logs and config file in order to be escalated to the engineering team.





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