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NETGEAR Insight Pro Network Management System enables higher profitability for Resellers




Resellers can double profits with Insight Pro enabled managed services


There are very few business models which aren’t constantly under profit pressure.   Value Added Resellers (VARs) who specialize in networking solutions have been on a great run for the last two decades.    Virtually every enterprise and organization around the world relies on being networked to operate and making this happen has been the engine of success for those VARs.


In the 1990’s networks were very complicated and the technology was expensive so VARs were critical for businesses of any size who were attempting to get their business “on the net.”  After the dot com bubble burst, the cost of networking started dropping and breakthroughs like web-managed switching (pioneered by NETGEAR) was making deployment and management a lot easier.   But at the same time, the applications which were being redefined by the network were exploding.   Connecting to the network wirelessly was becoming widespread and dealing with new traffic such as voice, video, security, data centers and messaging required experts to consult with as businesses evolved their ecosystem.   The VARs were there to provide this valuable role continuing to maintain relevance and profit margins.  


Today Network Function Virtualization, Software Defined Networking and network applications provide fertile ground for some of the most cutting edge deployments, but increasingly a high performance, adaptive and capable network is getting more and more cost effective and easy to install.   The average small business network can be made secure, performant and scalable with straight forward products and simple to follow installation procedures.   The problem for VARs is that this opens the door to “drive by” installers and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions making it difficult to protect profit margins.


NETGEAR is proud to offer our partners a revolutionary way to change the rules and re-establish that unique relationship you have with your end customers.   NETGEAR Insight Pro is an ecosystem of cloud assets, networking hardware and storage products allowing traditional VARs the ability to offer their customers 24 by 7 network monitoring and remote support without requiring management servers, network operations centers or on premise monitoring devices.  


Customers often pay more than $30 per device per month for this peace of mind.   They’re willing to pay because it lets them focus on their business knowing that the network is monitoring its own operation and will alert their trusted partner the second there is a fault or critical event.   Updates to fix security vulnerabilities can be quickly deployed remotely at a time of day which won’t require special access or disrupt the business.  Planning enhancements, new application deployment or expansion can all be done over the phone with minimal confusion, because the trusted partner is sitting in front of a view of their network on line.


We enable this new partner capability by taking advantage of the unique features of our Insight product line.   As I have mentioned in previous articles What makes Insight devices unique, each member of the Insight family of products has two capabilities  which together no other vendors’ products have.   First, each Insight product operates fully autonomously, just the way non-Insight devices do.  This makes them easy to install, robust to operate and resilient regardless of outside conditions.   Second, each Insight device has a fully secure embedded cloud agent which means no extra onsite equipment, servers or compatibility issues.   Taken together this means that every time our partners deploy Insight devices in their customers’ networks, they are laying the foundation for offering this 24x7 monitoring and remote management service.  


All it takes to enable the service is to deploy Insight Pro at a cost of less than $15 per year per device.   This small cost funds our 24 by 7 Insight cloud, messaging services and assures ongoing funding of these assets so we can continue to scale, improve usability and add capabilities.   One Insight Pro account lets you manage hundreds of customers and thousands of network devices on one easy  to use portal.   The per device license enables access to each of those devices from an unlimited number of desktops, iOS and Android devices anywhere in the world. 


As a VAR, all you have to do is ask yourself, “How much will my customers pay for peace of mind?”   “How much more margin can I generate by maintaining an ongoing relationship with my customers”    “How much more valued as a partner will I be to my customers if I am up-to-date on their network, identifying problems and opportunities for additional capacity, before they are aware there is an issue?”     Given where hardware resale margins are going and the number of low cost “drive by” installers that are out there, wouldn’t it be nice to evolve your business model to a service which your competitors won’t be able to match.


Insight products are cost effective, easy to use, backed by a great warranty and allow partners to enable cloud and remote service capabilities whenever and wherever they choose.   With NETGEAR’s Insight Pro network management system you can expand your business profitably and establish a business partnership with your customers which last for years into the future.   Check it out here: NETGEAR Insight Pro






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Re: NETGEAR Insight Pro Network Management System enables higher profitability for Resellers

I can see some of the website doing same such as All Wireless Router and Best wireless routers now. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post. 
I have a question, Can you please suggest me any reliable seller so I can buy my product from them on reasonable price? 

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Re: NETGEAR Insight Pro Network Management System enables higher profitability for Resellers



Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy 


Feel free to inquire to any Authorized NETGEAR Reseller listed here






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