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D6220 not connecting to iinet nbn


D6220 not connecting to iinet nbn

Hello all, and thanks for taking the time to help. I find myself in dire need of NBN related help!

I have a Netgear D6220 (Couldn’t find on the list, apologies) that was happily connected to my HFC NBN ( CM8200B is the type of box) via iinet until about 5 days ago, when it decided it wasn’t anymore.

I hadn’t touched anything in terms of hardware or the modem settings, and the NBN person came out and said it wasn’t that. iinet have taken me through the basic settings listed here (https://help.iinet.net.au/o/iinet-broadband-settings-list#NBNFTTCHFC) but to no avail.

I was on the phone to Netgear for yonks today and we reached a point where they basically said I would have to pay $120 for further advice. I don’t know how the modem/router changed itself but really wish I knew what tweak to make!

Believe it or not this is the second time this is happened with zero interference from myself (way too inexperienced to stuff around with anything like that! Previous solved experience here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/General-WiFi-Routers-Non/Internet-light-orange-tried-everything/m-p...) and last time one of the iinet-suggested adjustments eventually worked, but evidently it is something different this time.

I have tried adjusting various things in the configuration according to advice both here and on the Netgear forums (VLANID, connection mode, Ethernet WAN, etc), but haven’t managed to get a result so far.

so, I guess I am asking (begging?): Does anyone have an exhaustive list of the settings that should work with my connection beyond that listed on the iinet website (linked above)? I feel like I’ve probably stumbled on the right setting but may have changed another earlier that it doesn’t work with. That’s why I’m thinking to do another hard reset and try fresh with some kind of list of exactly the right setting configuration before I attempt to get Netgear to actually talk to iinet to solve!

I understand that there may not be enough info here to go on, so please ask for whatever screenshots/details you may need, and rest assured you are certainly doing great work here- I consider myself moderately computer literate but the NBN is tough stuff and given I am a teacher in remote learning mode now with year 12s, this is awful timing.

Thanks very very much in advance,
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