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D6300 Xbox One Issues


D6300 Xbox One Issues

Hi guys,

I am having some issues for which I am trying to get some help or advise.

I recently replaced my old ISP provided router (Netgear DGN1000) with a brand new D6300.

I had the router set up with my ISP details and got connected to the internet fine, the wireless works great with my various devices but for some reason I am having issues wiring my Xbox One directly to the unit.

I can play for maybe 10-15 minute before I lose connection to my friends in either game or chat. I don't lose connection to the internet though.

I have tried assigning an IP address to the Xbox and DMZ'ing this IP address but the same thing happens. UPNP is also on and this does not seem to help either.

In the Xbox I am able to run various checks and in most cases I get an indication that my NAT is open and 'I am behind a cone nat' which I believe is the desired results.

I have however experienced different notifications sporadically such as moderate and strict nat and sometimes that I am experiencing packet loss. If I reset the router then I seem to be all good for maybe 30 minutes until it all goes wrong again.

I don't get any of these issues on my old router but I am determined to get this router working as I get better wireless speed and coverage.

I am getting the feeling I need to speak to my ISP about this? maybe they need to change something their end?

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Apologize if I have not been very technical, I am pretty new to routers.

Cheers guys.

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Re: D6300 Xbox One Issues

try enabling igmp proxying if your running dmz it stabilises the connection I have to run dmz on my xbox one due to the upnp bug introduced in an older firmware, that seems to be irreversible. I my self have experienced a nat drift on both my console and pc games. my ad vice ensure the firm ware is the latest version then if that still does not work contact support I already have a case with them about the upnp issues.
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Re: D6300 Xbox One Issues

Try contacting Xbox/Microsoft. I had massive issues with my Xbox ones (we have multiple trying to use the D6300) and they sat with me, told me everything to do with ports and such. Its unfortunately the best way.

I might add that I didn't DMZ, I am currently trying to for my WiiU and its messing my Xbox connection up big time.
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