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Re: D7800 and prior FW - Still having issues with wifi occasionally disconnecting all devi


D7800 and prior FW - Still having issues with wifi occasionally disconnecting all devices

This is getting ridiculous, but wifi is dropping out again on this router.


It kicks all devices off as far as I'm aware, and the only way to fix the issue is to reboot the router.


I have just uploaded firmware, and will see how that goes, but it may take a couple of days to see results... will post back after a week if problems persist or not.


If anyone has the same issue on this router, I would love to know... sometimes I think netgear create these bugs to get people paying for premium support... why we have to pay for their stuff ups is beyond me. This has been a problem all the way back to but its more apparent the later the firmware gets. is the worst offender.


Note to netgear... you can't bloomin charge someone for your device problems due to hardware or software issues that are caused by YOUR CRAPPY FIRMWARE or HARDWARE!!! Make it easy for people to report issues and get answers without getting charged an arm and a leg to get.

Model: D7800|Nighthawk X4S – AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: D7800 and prior FW - Still having issues with wifi occasionally disconnecting all devi

As routers and combo devices have gotten more advanced, so has the firmware. This has led to more bugs/firmware issues.  If you read on any of networking support sites, theres been people complaining. Its not just limited to Netgear. We only hear about the people who are having problems on the forums as those who's device is working great, aren't on here. 

And the sad part is, Netgear can only offer free support for so long. So many people aren't technologically inclined and would be calling all the time. Paying support staff for free support all the time would eat through the small profit margin consumer devices support. That's why there is the community forums, so people can search for others with the same problems and see if answers were found. 

I truly hope the update did fix your problem. Did you do the update over a hardwired connection and reset it afterward? This tends to get the best result when doing firmware updates. 

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Re: D7800 and prior FW - Still having issues with wifi occasionally disconnecting all devi

To a degree I have to go with the OP on this. Granted that the combo devices are more complex, but that's no excuse for the continious and ongoing bugs in Netgear's firmware. Two of these combo devices, DGND3700v1 & D7000v1 have 3rd party firmware available that seems to run flawlessly. I use the DGND3700v1 and 3rd party firmware, the last boot was 44 days ago and was caused by a power bump. I can't remember having the router hanging or dropping clients. The 3rd party firmware also added VDSL support which I also use.

The fact that there's people out there that can create firmware single handed that adds function and runs pretty much flawlessly tells me that the OP might be partially correct on Netgear's attempt to drum up additional revenue through premium support charges which by the way still never gets the problem fixed! I see many cases on these boards where problems are reported that never get fixed across multiple firmware releases and then the device goes EOL so then you're stuck with the bad device and your only option is to replace it. With the bad taste the Netgear device leaves generally drives the user to a different brand. It takes QUALITY to generate customer loyalty which is something Netgear seems to have lost a few years ago.

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