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Re: D7800 - 2.4 ghz wifi dropping out - Still


Re: D7800 - 2.4 ghz wifi dropping out - Still

EXACTLY the same issues here too bud. 

2.4GHz dropping until reboot and several times all config getting hosed after that reboot. 

For me, all was great for the first year. Am wondering now if it's a hardware related issue, PCB component/s going out of tolerance or failing. Just speculating here.

One would assume, or at least hope that Netgear would have resolved if it were a firmware issue by now. That is, one would hope so.

I find I can go a few weeks or a few days before it schites itself and yes, I have gone through the same reset, factory etc that mostly everyone else has. Well, they have my hard earned money.

Gave them the benefit for far too long. Never, ever again Netgear. 


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Re: D7800 - 2.4 ghz wifi dropping out - Still

I feel your pain and frustration. If you are able @TonyKuc - go back to the place you bought the device and see what warranty you have.


I also tried to stick with it thinking it was me, or my config, or my neighbours wifi, or the position of the ears, or the location of the microwave, , or solar winds, trying all the time to trust Netgear. Then thought and hoped each new firmware would fix the issue.  In the end you I found out you will NOT get anything from Netgear unless you pay for a support plan so they can tell you how to reset their faulty device, which it has probably done itself several times already.

In the end I just asked for an updated router from my ISP - which they sent to me for free.


(I dont know why but the terms ransomware/racketeering have just popped into my head - purely coincidental, I'm sure).

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