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Re: DGN2200 doesn't reconnect


DGN2200 doesn't reconnect

I have a DGN 2200 router, annex A, latest available firmware as of now.
Not only if I unplug the phone cable it takes quite a while for the ADSL light to go off, but my connection dies every night at 23:37.
This has happened since I had the ADSL line, years ago, so I suppose it's the provider recycling IPs etc, but every router I had (Linksys, Cisco, USRobotics) had always reconnected within 2 minutes.
This one instead recognizes the reset (IP, netmask and everything are set to but doesn't attempt to reconnect. I have to reset it every night.
I hope this issue will be fixed in the next firmware update - if the IP is, disconnect and retry
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Re: DGN2200 doesn't reconnect

no hope...

Problem exist since selling this xxx unit and netgear will not change anything.

Last update is from 10/04/2010 - you see, no chance to get a fix. Looks like its a end of life product. We use a timer to disconnect this xxx router every 8 hours from power to fix this heavy bug......

We stop buying netgear because of no support after selling.

Looks like every product from netgear have unsolved problems.... (eg. WNDR3700, WNDR37AV,....)
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Re: DGN2200 doesn't reconnect

Oh this bug still exist even in latest adsl wifi router models and netgear people don't have any idea or plan to fix this basic issue.
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