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Re: DGN2200v3:



The "E-Mail Notification" functionality of my newly-purchased DGN2200v3 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router does not work. I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail.
- I have tried the SMTP addresses for both Gmail and Hotmail (smtp.gmail.com and smtp.live.com, respectively) along with my email address ("Send to This E-mail Address") and email address/password for the authentication settings.
- I have checked and double-checked the authentication settings and they are correct.
- The router is unable to send email notifications to either of the above accounts.
- I have all three checkboxes checked for "Send Alert Immediately", and since I appear to be receiving DoS attacks every few minutes from various IP addresses the router keeps attempting to send emails, which subsequently fail.
- The following entries can be found in the logs (excluding other events):
[email failed] Cannot send mail to *******@hotmail.com, Tuesday, February 03,2015 14:59:47
[email failed] Cannot send mail to *******@hotmail.com, Tuesday, February 03,2015 14:58:37
[email failed] Cannot send mail to *******@hotmail.com, Tuesday, February 03,2015 14:55:54
[email failed] Cannot send mail to *******@hotmail.com, Tuesday, February 03,2015 14:50:38

...where *******@hotmail.com is the obfuscated email address.

Firmware Version V1.1.00.24_1.00.24
GUI Language Version V1.0.1.1

I have upgraded to the latest firmware version and rebooted the router several times, but nothing seems to work.

Please advise.
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Re: DGN2200v3:

Hello Jimixter,

You may have to configure port forwarding or port trigger. The port on your side maybe closed.


I hope this links helps.
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Re: DGN2200v3: E-Mail Notification" functionality not working

Thank you for your reply. I have reviewed the Port Forwarding/Triggering sections in NETGEAR genie. How would you recommend I configure this?
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