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Re: DGND3300v2 no "Wireless Settings"


DGND3300v2 no "Wireless Settings"

Just thought I'd ask about this problem on here before resetting the modem back to user default and trying earlier versions of firmware.

My modem/router is currently on the latest firmware V2.1.00.54_1.00.54 (U.K. based).
Overnight the modem has somehow reconfigured itself. I first noticed this when I got up this morning and my email box was full of messages from the modem with Log updates. On checking the modem set-up, somehow the Log reporting feature had changed from weekly reports to hourly reports. On checking the other menus I noted that other settings had changed, such as the log-on details in 'Basic Settings'.
I've reset everything that had changed and it all appears to be working fine.

After trawling through all the menus and checking everything was set as they should be I noticed that the 'Wireless Settings' menu under the 'Setup' section had disappeared. This is the menu that allows you to set the channels numbers, etc., for WiFi. I have no idea when this menu disappeared and wonder if it was with one of the firmware updates in the past.

The 'Wireless Settings' under the 'Advanced' section is still there.

Anyone have any ideas as to why:

A) my modem settings should change overnight?
B) the Wireless menu has gone?


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Re: DGND3300v2 no "Wireless Settings"

First indication is a failure. Hard reset the router and reconfigure it back to your settings. Hopefully the missing will be there.
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Re: DGND3300v2 no "Wireless Settings"


Thanks, I'll give that a try.
(sorry for the late reply, I've only just found it!)

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