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Re: DGND3700v2 Internet Light Off, All Other Lights On.


DGND3700v2 Internet Light Off, All Other Lights On.

I started having an issue with my Netgear Modem/DSL Connection.

It started randomly and no settings/jacks/plugs etc were changed leading up to this issue. Basically working fine and then last Wednesday at 9:30am it cut out (though the ISP says they saw a blip of activity around 11:30am), there was no line sync for 12 hours. Line sync came back at about 9:30pm but the internet light hasn't come up since.


It gets line sync, it can see the speed of the dsl connection, but there is no pppoe activity and the internet light is off.

My username/password/vpi/vci are all correct.

I have reset the modem (multiple times). It cannot detect an internet connection via the setup wizard.


I have spoken with my ISP and so far we have verified the physical line is working, my account on their end is free and clear, they switched my profile as part of their process to see if we could get a connection and there's nothing happening.


Just looking to see if anyone has any other ideas as to what might be going on, either on the ISP side or the Modem side.

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Re: DGND3700v2 Internet Light Off, All Other Lights On.

Hello spuirtst


If you have tried a factory reset and checked your connections and try another dsl filter then it could be a issue with the modem you may want to contact Netgear support if the modem is still under warranty.





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