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DGND4000 loosing ADSL connection


DGND4000 loosing ADSL connection

Have been using for years a Netgear DG834G v4 - perhaps once a year I turned it off but never ever had an issue.

We moved into a new home and I needed to relocate the printer elsewhere so bought a WNDR3800 router for remote location. Due to location and interference wireless does not work reliably so pulled a network cable (20 meters) and connected it to my old 834G. Unfortunately that one does not support Readyshare so I went out and bought a DGND4000.

I have two computers - one running Windows 7, the other dual boot Windows 8 / Mac OS X.

The Windows 7 monitors the currency market.

When the router has been up a week or so I will find that my currency data is still coming in but I cannot logon to the internet: when I start IE (or Safari) I get a message telling me that the website cannot be found. When I do a ping to the address it cannot find it either.

I contacted support who gave me a variety of "solutions" however the situation became only worse - in the end I had this happening two or three times a day. I was eventually sent a new router which worked fine and then today, after about 10 days, the same thing happened again.

I have a hard time believing that two items can be faulty. Both came new in the box. Firmware is V1.1.00.14_1.00.14.

Anyone knows what the issue might be before contacting support again?

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Re: DGND4000 loosing ADSL connection

I would continue to work with support with active open case
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