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Re: Help with Router Settings


Help with Router Settings

I have been liaising with AppleCare about a lag issue I am having from my Late 2013 iMac to Apple TV when using mirroring.
Apple have run diagnostics on the performance of my iMac and are aware that I have a D6300 wifi DSL Modem Router.

The settings they have found are as follows:


RSSI: -36 dBm

Noise: -95 dBM

Channel: 157 (5GHz, 80 MHz)

PHY Mode: 802.11ac

TX Rate: 88 Mbps

They have asked me to request assistance from Netgear in order to get my network working at the speeds it should be working at (for 802.11ac mode). I am not eligible for Netgear support as my product was bought more than 90 days ago in October 2014,
My Internet provider is Westnet and I am using the latest version of Yosemite 10.10.3

Could anyone on this Forum advise what Setting changes I need to make to my Modem Router to get it working at speeds that it should be working when in 802.11ac mode ?

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Re: Help with Router Settings

Check the WMM and make sure it is enabled on the routers page. Try changing channels and make sure the mode is set to the highest.
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Re: Help with Router Settings

Thanks for your advice
WMM is enabled on the routers page
Mode is set to the highest or the channels page
Any suggestion on which Channel to use ?
Any other suggestions ?
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Re: Help with Router Settings

Sorry but I’m not familiar with iMACs, can you tell me what type of WiFi device it is fitted with, is it an AC capable device, what is the manufacturer / model number?

You say you have a ‘Lag’ issue, can you put any numbers to that please? Are you sure it’s lag and not throughput, or even dropped connections? Can you describe the symptom in a little more detail please?
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