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Homelab - ideas?


Homelab - ideas?

Morning \ Evening all


So i'm in the process of planning my homelab. My current EE supplied VDSL router is a.... yeah well we'll leave that there. Suffice to say, it's going to be replaced.

I'm looking to have everything under one ecosystem as much as possible. Modem \ Router \ Switches \ access points. I have a pet hate switching between ecosystems.


My budget isn't high, but the features I'm after are

  • Dynamic DNS ( discovered too late that EE don't do static IP's )
  • VLAN's
  • Web GUI control
  • Phone app
  • Multiple wireless networks ( guest, home, media(PS4, TV), smart (Alexa))
  • Ability to backup config ( this is a homelab after all....)
  • needs to be discrete ( I have a long suffering wife )

As I live in a flat \ apartment, I can't run cables. So I'm running a lot of powerline ethernet at the moment which is 'okay'...

What would you recommend ?


P.S. realised this is in the completely wrong area, how can I move it?

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Re: Homelab - ideas?

Separate modems and routers.

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