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I need a DSL modem router


I need a DSL modem router

As with others I am having a hard time trying to find a DSL Modem Router. I have talked to tech support at Netgear who recomended a netgear D7000 or D6400. I friend of mine has a D7000 and has been happy with it.  I have Centurylink as the ISP. 


The problem is I cannot find either of these modem routers anywhere, including NETGEAR's online store!!!!!


Any suggests would be appreciated. 

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Re: I need a DSL modem router

> [...] friend of mine has a D7000 and has been happy with it. [...]


   D7000[v1] or D7000v2?  I have a D7000[v1], which freezes (requiring a
power cycle) every month or so.  Netgear support said that it's EOL, and
won't be investigated/fixed.  A quick forum search might find abundant
complaints about the D7000v2.  (One especially annoying bug for me would
be that it lacks (working) NAT loopback.  Not everyone would care.)  I
wouldn't recommend either.


   I have no experience with the D6400, but I wouldn't bet on it doing
any better.


> [...] I have Centurylink as the ISP.

   Does your connection use PPPoA or PPPoE?  With PPPoE, a separate
modem and router should be possible.  If I got sufficiently tired of
periodically restarting my D7000[v1], then I might look for some gizmo
on a CenturyLink approved-devices list.  At least the modem should work.
Then, if its router wasn't satisfactory, I'd get a better router, and
use the approved gizmo as a modem only.  And before considering any
Netgear router, I'd search these forums for that model, and see how the
complaints look.



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Re: I need a DSL modem router

@Blackduck8998 wrote:


The problem is I cannot find either of these modem routers anywhere, including NETGEAR's online store!!!!!


DSL modem/routers, indeed, all DSL modems, seem to be on their way out.


ISPs appear to be discouraging anyone from using their own devices, in the same way that they prevent users from updating cable modem devices.


I used the D6400 for a bit, but gave up on it because it has limited features for a router. In the end I ditched it for a modem followed by a router.That's the preferred approach for experienced users for various reasons, not least the variety of routers available.


I first bought a Netgear DM200 and put it in front of an R7800. (That's Netgear's workhorse router that finds favour with people who don't want to pay over the top for useless features and new technology that has yet to settle down.)


When I needed another DM200 I could not find one in the retail market, confirming your experience. I ended up buying an "open box" DM200 on eBay. The thing that turned up showed little sign of use. Still in its shrink wrap and with all the packaging. I got the impression that Netgear has dumped its inventory on third party suppliers. I paid about the same for the second one. as for the new DM200


You can get a DM200 on eBay for a decent price, but some people ask silly numbers.


If you are happy to buy something like that, it would be a good option. You then have a modem that you can put in front of anything else that takes your fancy. Then you still have a router if you ever change Internet suppliers.







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Re: I need a DSL modem router

The D7000v2 is a piece of $h!t. The only positive is the wifi speed. USB/DLNA was always dropping and never returning. Avoid like the plague, wish I could have taken back. Run far from netgear (consumer stuff) unless you want an old unmanaged switch (they work)...

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