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Keep loosing connection every 3/5 minutes


Keep loosing connection every 3/5 minutes

It keeps happening once in a week (or two weeks): suddenly the connection gets lost and the router tries to reconnect every 3/5 minutes. Once acquired, the connection holds for few  minutes. I can only turn off the router and see if it works 2/3 hours later.

My problem seems similar to that one discussed here and related to firmware version.

My router is updated to V1.1.00.25. In the downloads area of my model I cannot see previous firmware versions available. Moreover, if I download the latest one and the try to upload it on the router interface, I get an error response: it seems to expect a .img file, although the downloaded zip contains only a .chk file.

Obviously I called my ISP and they told me the problem is router-related so they can't help me.

From the logs I can see only false positive DoS attacks happening together with connection dropping (a problem already known to the community).

I really don't know what to do, except buying a new router.

Model: DGN2200-4DDAUS|N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
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Re: Keep loosing connection every 3/5 minutes


I apologize for the late response due to the backlog tickets from our system. Do you still require some assistance regarding your query? 


Try upgrading the next firmware until you reach the latest. 



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