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Limiting Guest Network


Limiting Guest Network

Hi, i've just had my old cisco modem replaced with a Netgear DEVG2020 and the Telstra representative setup the guest network for me, but here are some questions which he wasn't able to help me with:


Firstly, when customers need to access the internet in my shop, how can I limit them to either and or a certain time frame for being logged in AND/OR how much data they can download?

Secondly, is there a way to setup like hotels/McDonals do, that if the customer opens a web browser on their phone/table/laptop, that regardless what their default home page is, my home page will show first probably defining som T&C's of using the guest network and click to accept these conditions.


Are these possible, and if so, can someway lead the way for me as I can't seem to find much info on this so far.


Many thanks

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Re: Limiting Guest Network

I'm not familiar with the DEVG2020, so take the following with a grain of salt.


Some Netgear routers have the ability to put the wireless network on a schedule. From what I have seen of other Netgear routers, however, it usually turns off all wireless (both guest and non-guest Wi-Fi). Try poking around on your router for a wireless schedule setting.


None of the Netgear routers have any ability to limit the bandwidth of the guest network.


None of the Netgear routers have what they call a captive portal. A captive portal redirects users to a customized home page where things like T&C and billing can be displayed. Some Netgear routers can be modified with 3rd party firmware to provide a captive portal. Alas, it does not look like 3rd party firmware is available for the DEVG2020.

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Re: Limiting Guest Network

Ok, thanks for the info. I'll have a look tomorrow re the scheduling bit.
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