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Netgear Gateway 6100D administrator password


Netgear Gateway 6100D administrator password

Hello, This is in regards to a Netgear Gateway 6100D. We are trying to change the administrator password for the actual device (NOT the WiFi password) and every time we go to change the password, save the changes, it reverts the password back to the default factory set password after you log out. We've tried changing the password using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and being connected via Ethernet cable. Is there anything we need to do specifically to get the new password to save? I've done some Googling and I saw that some of the passwords for the device is saved in a plain text file so I was wondering if maybe there is a workaround instead of changing the device password via the admin site.

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Re: Netgear Gateway 6100D administrator password

Hello Zon-Vpqal


Have you made sure you are using the latest firmware. Also make sure pop up blockers or anti virus are not blocking the change.



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