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Re: Nighthawk D7000v2 dropping wifi: Car Bluetooth interference?


Nighthawk D7000v2 dropping wifi: Car Bluetooth interference?

Wifi drops out completely when some people arrive at our house in a car. In fact the whole router ceases to function (even for wired connections). Power down/up required to recover.


It sounds bizarre, but I suspect it only happens when the person arriving has an Apple mobile/cell phone connected to the car's audio system via Bluetooth. I have an Android phone myself and it has never caused this issue. My wife previously also had an Android phone but now has a new Apple phone and we frequently see the wifi/internet fail when she leaves or arrives by car. There is never an issue when I use the same car with my Android phone.


This is so weird (and getting very annoying).


Any ideas?


Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D7000v2

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Re: Nighthawk D7000v2 dropping wifi: Car Bluetooth interference?

Sorry I can't help but I have seen your issue. Used to have a D7000v2 and it did what you describe sometimes when my daughter-in-law would come over with her phone (yes, her phone has my network credentials). The router would just "die" for lack of a better term. Lights on router all white as they should be, even blinking. wifi not showing up on phones and ethernet attached laptop unable to access the internet or access the D7000v2 either. Had to power cycle to get it back. Ended up pulling the D7000v2 and putting in the ISP provided modem/router set to transparent bridge mode and got an ASUS AX wifi router and things have been rock solid since. The lack of support that Netgear provides compared to ASUS is like night and day. After many years being a Netgear fan, they've lost me and my recommendation.

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