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Port forwording in DGN2200v3


Port forwording in DGN2200v3

Hi community I'm new and I don't know if this is the right sectiont to place this issue. I'm trying to get a remote access to a computer of mine from another LAN. I created a port forwording with the right protocol, but I need to specify the internal port for the service and I can't find the page where specify it. In an other NETGEAR router, when I create a new port forwording rule, in the same page I can specify both external than internal. So I don't know where to find this page and I hope that someone of you can help me. Waiting for an answer, thank you so much.

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Re: Port forwording in DGN2200v3

This is in the wrong place, but I will it move it into the router forums.


The user manual for your router is here: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/DGN2200V3/DGN2200v3_UM_07Oct2013.pdf.  I've looked at the port forwarding section, and unfortunately I don't think your router will let you forward to a different port.

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