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Re: Problems getting online via wireless


Problems getting online via wireless

I had a issue where my 3700v2 lost its settings, and I didn't have them backed up 😞

I have the settings entered for the DSL side of things, and the modem shows as connected and the ISP can see on their end that it is communicating.

When I try and go online via my Android tablet, I get a message saying I'm not online.

I'm sure there's a setting I'm missing that is preventing me from going online, does anyone have any suggestions on what to check?

I've disconnected from the access point and reconnected, but that hasn't helped.....
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Re: Problems getting online via wireless

Are you trying to connect using the "old" settings on the tablet? If so tell it to "forget" the network and then reconnect - Android will be attempting to connect using the previous settings for the network which would have been lost on the router side, and since they probably no longer match, it won't connect. Ideally - get a PC, hook it up using an Ethernet connection and completely configure the router - trying to do it using wireless has it's challenges, trying to do it using Android is even more challenging - it's not that it can't be done, but unless you have the experience it's very easy to lock yourself out.
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Re: Problems getting online via wireless

Yes, I did the 'forget' the wireless SSID, and then readded the wireless network.... still had the same problem.

Is there ANY setting that would prevent network traffic via wireless network??
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