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Re: ReadyCloud Failed to upload


Re: ReadyCloud Failed to upload

I SIMPLY asked for a substitution with a working modem-router (an upgrade): after many months of waiting (and of no FW updates promised) I thought it was a good compromise.


They instead proposed me a refound with an RMA, but:

- I must send the router back to NetGear (so I'll be without internet connection for... who knows? I use it for work!)

- they'll check it (Netgear alredy knows the BUG on D7000)

- they'll refound me (probably)

- then I'll be able to buy another router again


GENIUS: the commercial-side of Netgear seems to be handled by real genius.

I think I'm going to denounce Netgear for abuse.


Here is what I'll do:

- I'll contact Consumers Association

- I'll write to all the main reviews to illustrate what happened

- I'll do all in my possibilities to denounce this abuse!


What do you think?

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