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Statistics Details

Hello im a happy owner of D7000. I managed to set up with VDSL and works just fine for over than month now.

When im pressing show statistics im getting a table with several results.

At bottom of this table there is values such as

Line AttenuationD0( 5.8) D1( 16.4) D2( 36.7) dB

Whats is D0 , D1 and D2 ?  Do thay have be such different.?

On my old routers there was only one value for line attenuation and etc .\

On this one there is 3 values for D  (i suppose its down) and 3 also for U (Up ?) 

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Re: Statistics Details

They represent Downlink and Uplink bands.
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Re: Statistics Details

Ok help me please a little bcs im very new and confused right now.

What are you mean bands. I used to read one number an other routers . Which one i have to keep in mind ? Mybe i have to get avg of 3 ?

For example when we talk about with coligues at work onme says my lines attenuation is 12. Which one do i have top use ? I cant answer  3 numbers 🙂





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Re: Statistics Details

Or when im talking with support of my internet provider which one do i have to mention 

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