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Unable to connect to Playstation PSN network


Unable to connect to Playstation PSN network

Hi there,

I cannot connect to the PSN network over a wired connection (LAN). The router has its firmware updated to V1.0.0.70_1.0.70. I am using Powerline Adapters. The LED's on the Powerline Adapters have 3 solid indicators to indicate there is a link.

I have added the ports required by PSN to port forwarding and gave it the IP address i am using on the PS4.

I have also made a reservation of the IP Address in the router too.

I also enabled DMZ to see if that was necessary and provided the IP Address i would like to use.

The console can obtain the IP Address successfully from the router but there is no Internet connection.

WIFI connections appear to be working fine.

I've rebooted the console and router several times and no success so far.



Any advice?

Model: D6400|AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router|802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit
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Re: Unable to connect to Playstation PSN network

I've fixed the issue. Turned out to be IP settings range in the page. Soon as i fixed it and rebooted the router i was able to connect to the Playstation Network.

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