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Unable to set D3600 to AP Mode


Unable to set D3600 to AP Mode

I recently purchased a D3600 to use as an access point for my exisitng home setup, wanting the modem so that if the other ever failed, we had a backup on standby, however both through initital setup and going through all the advanced settings, I haven't been able to do this.

The existing modem is a Netgear DGND3700v2, and works perfectly. I cabled the two together, however have been unable to join them to the same network/subnet.

I have tried both the below posts:



But the AP button shown in the second, is not present when logging into the D3600. I tried the exisitng firmware, and also upgreaded it to the newer version on the website, neither of which allowed me to set the device to AP mode.

At one point, I was able to disable the DHCP on the D3600, and under the WAN settings, connect it to the DGND3700v2 as a "Cable Modem". I had internet access, however the devices were not on the same network. ( and Unable to see the shared NAS and Printers, this was no use to me.


If anyone has any insight into what I am missing, that would be great. Or, if I have purchased this and it can't do what I want, let me know and I might look at swapping the two devices over.



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Re: Unable to set D3600 to AP Mode

Log into the D3600 and change its LAN IP address so that it's in the same IP subnet as your DGND3700. Make sure the IP address is outside of the DHCP range of addresses managed by the DGND3700. Otherwise, you'll risk a duplicate IP address.

Keep the DHCP server disabled. Then connect the D3600 LAN port to the DGND3700 LAN port. Leave the WAN disconnected. Renew the DHCP leases on any devices. Then, test Internet access.
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Re: Unable to set D3600 to AP Mode

Yeah, this was my line of thinking.
Tried it, however it wouldn't let me use the device in AP mode, only create a new network, and no internet access via LAN or WiFi.
I am wondering if the device is even capable of AP mode.

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Re: Unable to set D3600 to AP Mode

The method I described doesn't require you to use the device in AP mode.


Did you follow my instructions to the tee?  To recap:

  1. Configure D3600 LAN port with IP address in same subnet as DGND3700.  For example, if DGND3700 has IP address, then configure the D3600 with  Change DHCP starting address on DGND3700 to
  2. Disable DHCP server on D3600.
  3. Connect D3600 LAN port to DGND3700 LAN port.  This is super important.  The D3600 is still operating as a router.  By using a LAN port, you are essentially using just the Ethernet switch bridged to Wi-Fi.
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