Re: Access to NAS via DGND3700??


Access to NAS via DGND3700??


I have my music, movies, etc stored on my home NAS. Its a Netgear Stora. Yes I know it cops a lot of criticism but its worked fine for me since I bought it (3 years ago) ... *TOUCH WOOD* The Stora serves media to my PS3 via the router. The Stora is connected to the router using the yellow cat cable that that comes with the router. The router is connected to my PS3 via an Ethernet cable which runs around the corner of my lounge.

My router was a standard issue iiNet Belkin (4-5 years old) but I decided to upgrade yesterday. I ended up buying and setting up a Netgear DGND3700 N600 in the exact same configuration as the Belkin. Setup went smoothly with one exception. The Stora does not appear under the Video menu of my PS3 like it used to using the Belkin.

I then tried accessing the Stora from a desktop computer using the Stora app and again, where this worked previously it now does not. Its as if the Stora does not exist.

Just wondering if I have missed a simple tick box in the DGND3700 setup? I spent an hour stepping through the router setting but nothing jumped out at me.

(for info I already checked for similar threads but all related to attaching an external HD/USB stick to the DGND3700 and using it to serve media, rather than allowing the NAS to serve)

Appreciate any thoughts
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Re: Access to NAS via DGND3700??

As a suggestion, connect the Stora to you old router and confirm that you can still access it.

If you can, select the options to rebuild the index and shares and to perform a volume scan at the next boot up. Shutdown the unit and allow it to reboot. Whilst it is rebooting, connect it back to your new DGND3700 router.
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Re: Access to NAS via DGND3700??

Ok, so I finally got around to this (merry Christmas all).

I plugged the old router in and the NAS showed up straight away (on both laptop and PS3). I couldn't find an option to rebuild so I checked the NAS had latest firmware and rebooted, immediately swapping the connection to the new router. Once booted I could access the NAS via laptop and eventually the PS3...happy days!!!

As a side note, I plugged in my external drive into the router hoping to use its media serving capabilities (another backup drive, I know I know) and although the server showed up on my PS3, it would only show my music? I left it for ages wondering if it was just indexing vids but it still hadn't shown up 2 hours later. I tried googling to see if mp4 is supported but couldn't find a list of supported file types...

Anyways my initial query has been answered so thanks for your help.
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Re: Access to NAS via DGND3700??

One last thing I forgot (that might help others). The NAS IP was static, for my sonos. Changing this to dynamic may have also helped?
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Re: Access to NAS via DGND3700??

Might want to do that or make the ip address static on the router again. It just make thing simpler with something like this to make it static so depending on how your connecting you have to change your settings each time.
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Re: Access to NAS via DGND3700??

Hi there - do you have any trouble playing back .avchd files? I have a DGND3700 router and a ReadyNAS Duo but am unable to smoothly playback AVCHD files from the Duo. They do play - but they are unwatchably choppy. The reason I bought a DGND3700 was for the gigabit ports to avoid this very problem Smiley Sad
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