'Automatic login time-out' on D6400


'Automatic login time-out' on D6400

Can you please explain how to extend the auto time-out on this model?

The manual blithely states on the 'Set Password' page:

"8. To change the automatic login time-out, enter a new value in minutes in the field.
By default, you are logged out of the web management interface after five minutes of inactivity.
9. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved."


That's all and well, IF there was a field into which it could be entered.

There must be a solution...


Thanks in advance.

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Re: 'Automatic login time-out' on D6400

Hello bigharps


I checked and cant find a way to do it as of right now but I am passing this along to engineering to look into this so it possiably could be added to a firmware update also I would put this suggestion on our idea exchange board this is a great place to post stuff aout features you want added to product our engineering team is always looking here for ideas.



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