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Compatible AT&T Uverse wi-fi modem

AT&T U-verse will not give me a compatible 3rd party modem so I can use my own equipment. 

My bundle is with DTV, landline & U-verse internet.  The modem they installed is AT&T 5031NV. 

Is my Netgear Model C3700 that I bought & used with Time Warner recently only for cable? OR is it compatible with this AT&T 5031NV modem?  AT&T U-verse tech said the Network type is IP-CO if that helps.

AT&T tech support says there is no list and says I must purchase a modem from them or continue renting their equipment.

I don't believe they can have such a monpoly on equipment and force consumers to pay only them.

Is my N600 WiFi Cable Modem Router Model C3700 compatible?  If no, please provide other compatible modem options or a link. 

Any compatible equipment (that would help quicken this slow 6mb would be nice too) without paying an arm and a leg?

Thanks much. 

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Re: Compatible AT&T Uverse wi-fi modem

You cannot use your own modem with U-verse.  You have to use the modem supplied by AT&T.  The C3700 is a coax cable modem and is not compatible with the Pace 5031NV, which is a DSL modem.


Hypothetically speaking, even if you could use your own DSL modem, it would not magically speed up your 6 Mbps service.  Your speed is governed by distance and your Internet plan.

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Re: Compatible AT&T Uverse wi-fi modem

I just asked the same question:

Where is the Third Party NON-AT&T U Verse Wi-Fi Modem list



Here is what an AT&T U-Verse employee replied at the AT&T Forum:


All Uverse accounts require authorization using a certificate only available on Uverse gateways.

You may purchase and use a 3rd party device behind the gateway placed in either DMZ mode or IP Pass Thru (depending on gateway received) but the way Uverse gateway must be first.

If you have not purchased U-verse Equipment from AT&T or if previously purchased U-verse Equipment is beyond the one (1) year warranty period (from date of installation) and requires replacement, then you agree to pay a monthly equipment fee for the U-verse Equipment, as part of your purchase of or continued use of the Service and/or other U-verse services.



Tough if you don't accept THEIR reply as a solution!

I don't think AT&T can force us to only buy or rent their equipment, that's a monopoly!

Anyway, please help me find a compatible modem.  Thank you.

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Re: Compatible AT&T Uverse wi-fi modem

Unfortunately, the AT&T employee is correct.  The modems supplied by AT&T use 802.1x (aka the certificate) to authenticate.  A 3rd party modem will not be able supply the correct credentials to connect to AT&T's network.  I've heard of people buying used AT&T modems off of Ebay but they have had limited success in getting them to work.  Worse, AT&T will occasionally still charge them a rental fee!  Unless the FCC or Congress forces AT&T to open up access to their network, you have no choice.  If you don't like it, then switch providers.

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Re: Compatible AT&T Uverse wi-fi modem

Antitrust monopolies says companies cannot have exclusive control over a good or service in a particular market.

I thought FCC already mandates internet & cable providers to allow consumers to buy their own compatible equipment. 

I can only find this on internet for cable so far but I'm calling the FCC tomorrow to ask on this specifically.

I'll add info when found.



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Re: Compatible AT&T Uverse wi-fi modem

I am not a lawyer, but monopolies are not illegal.  If a company naturally monopolizes a market without resorting to anti-competitive practices, then it's legal.


FCC has gone after cable providers to allow consumers to buy their own equipment.  Unfortunately, AT&T is not a cable provider.  It's a telco.


Anyway, good luck with the FCC.  I sincerely hope you come back with some good news.

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