Re: Conflict between DGND3700v2 & Mac Firewall


Conflict between DGND3700v2 & Mac Firewall

I recently replaced a Linksys modem/router with a Netgear DGND3700v2 and have had a lot of problems.

I've finally tracked it down to a conflict between the DGND3700v2 and the Mac firewall (OS Yosemite 10.10.1).

If I have the Mac Firewall stealth mode off, everything works great, no problems at all.

If I turn the Mac Firewall stealth mode on I have problems - what "seems" to be happening is that with stealth mode on, the Mac Firewall is rejecting UDP packets from the DGND3700v2 (I'm no network expert so I might be misunderstanding the Mac log files ...)

The problem relates only to a Synology NAS HDD on my home LAN - all external internet connections work without difficulty. The issue is connecting to this NAS HDD - I can connect by IP address but not by domain name with the firewall stealth mode ON. Turn stealth mode OFF and I can connect by domain name and IP address.

(even more strangely, the problem only occurs with the Mac connected to the network by ethernet but not if connected by wifi).

Any suggestions,



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Re: Conflict between DGND3700v2 & Mac Firewall

You should open a support issue with Netgear here;

This is a user to user forum and Netgear ignores problems posted here. You may find help from another user, but if it's a bug you need to open a issue and then pray that Netgear will release an update.
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Re: Conflict between DGND3700v2 & Mac Firewall

Presume you are using samba(smb) sharing to the NAS if you are relying on NetBIOS name resolution? If so that uses TCP only (139/445) and the DGND3700 is only actiing as a network switch. I would suggest the feature/fault is with the Mac/firewall, especially as turning it off solves the problem.
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Re: Conflict between DGND3700v2 & Mac Firewall

Can you do some more advanced configuration on this firewall?
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Re: Conflict between DGND3700v2 & Mac Firewall

You might want to check the Mac firewall for any configuration. Since you've that wireless connection works but wired did not work. It must be a configuration on MAC's firewall.
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