D6000 2.4ghz won't switch off


D6000 2.4ghz won't switch off

Hi guys, 

I have the D6000, I bought it specifically to run a 5ghz network at gigs to conect to our mixing besk from the ipad, and so I could dissable the 2.4ghz network to prevent interference with our Line6 wireless mics and guitar packs. 

UNfortunately I can't switch the damn thing off. 

When I go to the advanced wireless settings page the "Enable wireless router radio" box is UNchecked in both the 2.4 and 5Ghz sections, if a check them both and hit apply, the screen refreshes with both unchecked. If I check one and not the other and hit apply the same thing happens. No matter what combination of boxes I check when I hit apply both boxes are unchecked and both bands are transmitting. PLEASE HELP!

I'm currently having pretty severe mic dropouts on stage when the router is on and it's driving me nuts.

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Re: D6000 2.4ghz won't switch off

So far I've treid calling netgear support on both the business and home lines, and as soon as it goes to pass you through to an advisor there's just silence. Which is helpful. The online chat no longer works either, and the bot I was speaking to when it did earlier just told me to turn off the SSID. Not what I asked! 

I hate to be a negative nelly but so far my experience of netgear support today have been a mixed bag of frustration and dissapointment. 


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Re: D6000 2.4ghz won't switch off

Here's an update!

Finally spoken to an advisor, he had me running around like a **bleep** trying to get the netgear online so he could remote control my laptop to look at the settings. (The netgear is just used for a WLAN at gigs, it's never been online before). I have no way to connect it directly to my internet so I had to connect it via my Virgin Superhub, which meant he then didn't know how to log onto the router. 

After two hours of **bleep**ing around I'm now getting a callback from a senior technician, in 24 - 48 hours. WTF! What am I supposed to do like, sit in the house for the next two days like a **bleep**ing hermit and wait for this call? 

I've also found that it's not just an issue with the 2.4wireless. I litterally cannot make ANY changes to the advanced settings. As soon as I hit apply they resest to what the were before. Both wireless bands are "off" by default on the settings, but are actually both transmitting and working.

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Re: D6000 2.4ghz won't switch off

First, the D6000 is a modem router. It is supposed to connect your devices to the Internet. So you are making life hard for yourself, and for anyone who wants to connect to it remotely. A "router only" device is really what you need.


Some routers, a better choice than a modem/router, may have a physical on/off switch for each band.


Unlike many devices, the D6000 doesn't even have separate lights for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.


I fear that your atypical use of this box is bound to make life difficult. You are asking Netgear support to advise you on something that just might not be possible.



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