D6200 firmware update


D6200 firmware update

Just have completed the firmware update as instructed when I logged in to the modem. The status bar completes then states I can’t connect to the modem. Have a look at the modem and I have a solid amber power light. A green dsl light and a red internet light. Tried powering down tried resetting tried 30-30-30 rule nothing. The modem won’t reset or change its lights on the front. Is there anything else to try or has the firmware update stuffed my router.
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Re: D6200 firmware update

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You try flashing the firmware via TFTP. This link may help out.



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Re: D6200 firmware update

That link does not work here.


Try this one:


How to upload firmware to a NETGEAR router using Windows TFTP | Answer | NETGEAR Support


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Re: D6200 firmware update

> [...] This link may help out.


   Ha!  Good one.

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