D7000 access point DHCP and wan port problems


D7000 access point DHCP and wan port problems

D7000 firmware version: V1.0.1.78_1.0.1.


I'm running my D7000 in access point mode, and I'm having a couple of issues. The main one is that when devices connect to the wifi it can take several minutes for the DHCP requests to be ACKed. The main router is an R7500 running OpenWRT, and there are DHCP reservations for many of the devices. Watching the DHCP requests in wireshark on my Macbook they just seem to be lost for ages, although it usually gets an IP address eventually, so it's not completely blocked, just flaky.


It's not a problem with the main router, I have another R7000 in another part of the house that was having a similar problem until I flashed it with DD-WRT, it now works perfectly. It really seems like a problem with AP mode in the Netgear firmware.


It's also not wifi channel contention, it happens even if it's the only enabled wifi access point in the house. And it's not the house wiring, because if I physically swap it with the one running DD-WRT the problem doesn't occur, DHCP requests are fulfilled in milliseconds.


The other problem, which may or may not be related, is that the documentation, and various posts on the internet, say to use the WAN port to connect to the main router. This doesn't work. It looks OK on the status LEDs, but there is no connection. Using a LAN port works fine.


I read somewhere that NTP won't work if you use a LAN port, but NTP works fine. So using the LAN port isn't really a problem, unless it's the cause of DHCP UDP packets not getting through to the main router.

Model: D7000|Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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