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D7800 with BT Infinity

A few months ago I tried to replace my WNR3800 with a D7800, but had issues with the internet connection being dropped. I returned the D7800 as the WNR3800 would stay connected unless the phone rang, but the D7800 was dropping the internet connection randomly. Also, the WNR3800 would reconnect automatically after about a minute, but the D7800 needed a power cycle to reconnect.


Around the same time our phone line started playing up, disconnecting calls after a couple of rings. To resolve this, we have recently had the incoming wiring replaced and a new Openreach NTE5C/VDSL MK4 Master socket installed. The data connection on this new socket is an RJ45, instead of the RJ11 on the previous socket.


So, now that the phone line issues are solved, I am thinking about trying another D7800.


Can I connect an ethernet cable from the data socket to the 'Internet' connection on the D7800?


Or do I need to get an RJ45 to RJ11 cable and use the 'VDSL' connection on the D7800?

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Re: D7800 with BT Infinity

Hello MatF 

You can do it either way the D7800 can be used as a router or AP.


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Re: D7800 with BT Infinity

Thanks, but I hoped that I could connect an ethernet cable (with RJ45 plugs) from the new wall box to the 'Internet' socket on the D7800 and still make use of the onboard modem (so that I can get rid of the openreach modem - but it looks like I have to use the VDSL connection to do this).


After more searching online, it looks like the data socket on the new wall box actually takes an RJ11 or an RJ45.

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Re: D7800 with BT Infinity

You can use the D7800 as a VDSL modem with BT Infinity.


In effect it is simply a case of replacing the useless Homehub with the D7800. Use the same wires.


I have installed my own NTE5 Master sockets. The Internet socket is a standard phone socket.


When BT switched me over to Infinity, my D6400 automatically transferred itself from ADSL to VDSL.


BT's Infinity settings are widely described. The good news is that you don't need a password, just your email address, to login.


The D6400 comes with a good setup "wizard". Looks like the D7800 does too.


The manual might be worth reading:


>>> D7800 | Product | Support | NETGEAR <<<

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Re: D7800 with BT Infinity

You can actually plug an RJ45 in the telephone socket if you wanted to, it's a combo RJ11/45 port. You would have to use an RJ11 on the D7800 though. It doesnt make much of a difference using a different broadband cable from the socket but if you want a high quality one I recommend Tandy.


Also use firmware due to 1..0.1.16 being unstable, my D7800 rebooted over night and now my line is interleaved.

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Re: D7800 with BT Infinity

This may or may not be important, but if you have yet to buy the D7800, you might like to check to see if it can use the implementation of IPv6 that BT smokes, something called IPv6-PD IPv6.   


BT IPv6 with third party router - BTCare Community Forums


Many Netgear routers, including the D6400, do not offer the correct settings, and Netgear support have said that they have no intention of adding this with new formware


Re: IPV6 with BT Infinity - NETGEAR Communities


Note the bit that warns:

we do not have any plans to support this on D6400,D7000, D7800 or D8500 in future.


It does not seem to matter than the UK is a big market that is dominated by BT. If you can't find a Netgear modem that can handle IPv6-PD IPv6 configuration I would be tempted to look for a modem maker that does not operate on a "take it or leave it" approach.


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My network DM200 -> R7800 -> GS316 -> PL1000 -> Orbi RBR40 -> Orbi RBS50Y -> RBS40V
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