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DGN2200M Telkom firmware update

Hi. I have the DGN2200M router that I got from Telkom in South Africa. However, this router has Telkom customized firmware on and does not allow an upgrade to Netgear firmware via the GUI. Is there any way to force a firmware update? I do accept that I will lose the guarantee.

I have tried:

- The TFTP method. I can't seem to get the router exactly at the point where it accepts a TFTP transfer.
- I have tried the method to unlock the Virgin router (via telnet, burnboardid).
- I do have Telnet access to the router. Is there no way to update firmware via direct telnet on the router? Have been searching for ages!

I have contacted netgear - no reply yet.

Thanks! Any help will be appreciated!
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Re: DGN2200M Telkom firmware update

if you can not do it then you have to use jtag method

go to

netgear will not help you on brand firmware units
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Re: DGN2200M Telkom firmware update

Thanks for the reply jmizoguchi.

I will look into the JTAG method. However, it makes sense to me that if one can do this via TFTP, there MUST be a way via telnet as well...
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Re: DGN2200M Telkom firmware update

Really annoying some of the built in defaults with the Telkom firmware.


How did you manage to telnet into yours.


Have Jtag equipment at work, could read up and figure that out as well.



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Re: DGN2200M Telkom firmware update

Will netgear update the firmware to support the zte k4203-z
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Re: DGN2200M Telkom firmware update

Hello Stevebat


The DGN2200M is a end of life product so no future firmware would be planned for this modem.



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