DGND3700, HFS+ and Time Machine


DGND3700, HFS+ and Time Machine

I've just bought this excellent product and I would like to configure it to backup my iMac content via wifi using an usb hard disk connected to the router
I would use Time Machine, but seeing here time machine is compatible only with WNDR3800 and WNDRMAC... but, this is because of firmware or hardware issue?
If it depends on firmware, is it possible that in future a firmware for DGND3700 compatible with time machine (and HFS+ format) will be released? or does some firmware mod already exist that solves this problem?
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Re: DGND3700, HFS+ and Time Machine

On Netgear's NAS Drives there is a specific option to enable it to support the Time Machine.

There is no such option on this router at the moment.

If you wish it to be added, please feel free to register a support ticket with Netgear. Unfortunately their tech support doesn't contribute to this forum.
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