DGND3700 network help


DGND3700 network help


I have just bought a DGND3700 (v1) with a view to replacing a BT Business Hub (ADSL modem router) in our very small office network.

Short version of the problem: when I replace the BT Hub with the DGND3700, the server and all connected PCs lose their access to the internet. I can't work out why and would really appreciate some help / advice, please.


The set up is presently:
- Dell PowerEdge T105 server (SBS 2003)
- 3 PCs
- 1 Dell printer
- Dell PowerConnect 2716 switch (believe running in unmanaged mode)

The PCs, printer and server are all plugged into various ports on the switch. A Cat 5 patch cable also runs from one of the BT Hub's LAN ports into another port on the switch (number 14). This works fine. The PCs can all see and access data on the server, they can print to the printer and they can surf the web and send/receive emails.

I took the DGND3700 out of the box, connected it to the ADSL line in place of the BT Hub and initially connected it via ethernet cable directly to a laptop, which I used to set up the basic settings (ie ADSL username & password, etc - nothing fancy) and the wireless networks. I never got around to testing the wireless aspect, but the wired connection worked fine. The DGND3700 connected to the ADSL and the laptop could access the internet. Job seemingly done, I disconnected the ethernet cable from the laptop and popped it into the same port (14) on the switch.

I then tried accessing the internet from the server and from another connected PC. No joy. No connection. The DGND3700 still looked fine (all the right lights in the right colours). But none of the connected PCs (or server) could connect to the internet (or, presumably, email - though not tested) through their wired connections to the switch.

I disconnected the Netgear and reconnected the BT Hub. Everything could get back on the internet again. Reconnected the Netgear instead. No internet.

What am I missing, please?! I feel sure it must be something simple...
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Re: DGND3700 network help

there is some numerous issues on suing switch behind netgear home end router to acts funny.

since you already know that laptop directly to the dgn do work fine with internet so DG is connecting fine on your ISP side.

can't tell you why adding switch causes the interruption but not only this model but other model like dgn2200 user and few other wndr family user express some weird symptoms.
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Re: DGND3700 network help

You will need to copy the BT sign in details from the BT HomeHub v3 to the DGND3700.

Check out this thread for guidance:
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Re: DGND3700 network help

Thanks to both for the advice received so far Smiley Happy

Scubbie: Thanks, but can I just double-check that we're definitely both on the same page?

The Netgear already connects to the internet OK (with login details copied from the BT Hub and with a directly connected laptop). The issue is with network devices failing to access the internet when the Netgear is connected to the switch in place of the BT Hub (as a straight swap).

Or, having read through the thread, are you saying that changing the Netgear's default IP address will resolve this problem?

From other thread: "I see that I'll need to set the IP address for the DGND3700 to (it is currently at the default of "

To clarify, the modem/router to be replaced is a BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub, which I believe shares the same default IP as the Business Hub 3).

Apologies if I'm being dim!
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Re: DGND3700 network help

Have you copied the BT HHv3 Internet Login details to the DGND3700? From memory the correct settings were in that thread. If not please search this section of the forum using "bt infinity" as the keywords.

You may need to configure it to use the WAN Ethernet to connect to the BTO Modem.

As for IP Addresses, I would recommend against using the range 192.168.1.nnn as this could conflict with the Modem. The Modem's address is where as the BT HHv3 uses both and
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Re: DGND3700 network help

Hi Scubbie

Thank you very much indeed for your help. Although the equipment and settings are slightly different from those in the thread to which you referred me, your help has been instrumental in enabling me to resolve my problem.

The modem/router being replaced by the DGND3700 was a BT Business Hub (2wire), as opposed to a Home Hub. However, the Business Hub was itself acting as a temporary stand-in for its broken predecessor, which was a Netgear ProSafe DGFV338 modem/router.

Having taken photos of all the settings from the 2wire BT Business Hub, I was able to establish that the settings on the DGND3700 needed to be changed as follows:

1. The DGND3700 IP address needed to be changed to (as the Business Hub's default settings had themselves been changed to match those of the previous Netgear modem/router).

2. Enable DCHP needed to be "unchecked" (as opposed to being checked by default), as the server is presently responsible for this.

Making these changes made the DGND3700 available to the networked devices for web browsing. Result!!

Without your help, I very much doubt I would have been able to resolve this, so HUGE thanks once again.

I may be in need of further help next weekend, when we plan to remove the server and begin using a hosted desktop solution for the software that is currently run from our own server.

Based on this weekend's learnings, I expect this will involve re-enabling the router's DCHP function. But we needed to get this working in the interim, which I'm delighted to have finally achieved with your help. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day Smiley Happy
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Re: DGND3700 network help

No problem. At least it is all working again.

I might decide to hide next weekend though :cool:

I would suggest that you make a written record of how you managed to set up the router and store it safely somewhere. Should you need to setup another router in the future it should be a little easier.

Also save the config to a file, but keep that file secure somewhere. Whilst it isn't viewable in plain text, someone could decrypt it.

As for the DHCP Server issue, I guess that you might well have been getting conflicts as both the router and your server were attempting to issue IP Addresses. You should be able to type "" into your browser to access the router. I would strongly recommend a strong password for the router to prevent others from accessing it.
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