DGND3700v2 Firmware corrupt during update


DGND3700v2 Firmware corrupt during update

hi all,
during update firmware of my DGND3700v2 something goes wrong.
So now when I power on my router, the power led remain red.

Searching on internet I found this link:

So I powered off my router.
I pushed the Factory reset button and I powered on holding it down.
Now power led and DSL led blink alternatively (power led red and DSL led green).

I connected the lan cable to my pc, setted the static ip address ( and, subnet mask and gateway and but nothing. router doesn't respond to ping.

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Re: DGND3700v2 Firmware corrupt during update

Every issues with tftp method does not cure it.

Sounds like unit has bricked.
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Re: DGND3700v2 Firmware corrupt during update


I have the same problem as posted here.
Is there a way to un-brick the router?
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Re: DGND3700v2 Firmware corrupt during update

I have the same Modem. I upgraded to the latest firmware ver. V1.1.00.17_1.00.17NA. I'm unhappy with it. the modem works. I just have problems with setting static ip on the lan. The upgrade firmware button in the GUI, does not work, and I too tried to do the tftp2, and got the same result you did, with the flashing leds. So I don't think your modem is bricked yet. We just don't know the correct procedure, get it into the flash mode.
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Re: DGND3700v2 Firmware corrupt during update

 had trouble where the power light was solid red. Luckily old router still worked so connected that again After a couple of hours on Google tryed this​8 but still had no luck


This did work though.

Down loaded the firmware for my DGND3700v2 from Netgear un zipped. Disconnected old router, connected DGND3700v2 with ethernet cable & opened internet browzer. typed in message came up about updating firmware. browsed for the firmware that I had already down loaded. Clicked on OK.


After the update had finished I could not log into the router, turned the power off & on, plugged the phone line back in now it works fine. Did not even have to set the router up again.


I only know a bit about the internet & computers so sorry if you need to fill in the gaps.  

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