DM111PSPv2 Firewall misdirecting inbound rules


DM111PSPv2 Firewall misdirecting inbound rules

Never seen this before.  Had this router setup and working fine with several LAN devices and Firewall with service rules using ports to allow internal access (cameras).  We added many more cameras, added the rules, and everything worked fine for about 2 weeks.  Now, typically two of the cameras will not connect.  They are available from the LAN, but the router is redirecting to the wrong internal IP.  I kept it simple where port 1036 (for example) goes to IP .....36 and 1037 to IP ......37.  At this moment, and soon after rebooting the router, port 1037 suddenly reroutes to IP .....34 externally.  If I delete a service and recreate, it works and then others higher up in the Firewall list start redirecting incorrectly.  Using the latest firmware, rebooted, reset...

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Re: DM111PSPv2 Firewall misdirecting inbound rules

Hello gsgriffin


Have you tried to use address reservation on your router this will allow you to assign a ip address to each camera and even if they go offline when they come back they will always use the ip that was assigned to it here is a article on how to do it. hope to hear your feedback


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