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DMT and DGND3700

Having successfully got telnet to work with this router I then examined the DMT tool. At first it failed to connect but by selecting the special logon option it seems to work eg I can get router stats etc and apply a re-sync but it does not show the upsteam and downstream bit rates although it does show attenuation, SNRM and tx pwr figures. Any one any ideas how to get it to show the bit rates?
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Re: DMT and DGND3700

I'm sorry I cannot help you myself but how did you manage to enable telnet ?
I have tried and failed a few times and even followed instructions from other threads but still wont work
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Re: DMT and DGND3700

I downloaded from then unzipped. Follow the instructions in the rtf file and it should work. I use the Windows telnet which may have to be enabled - for Windows7 open control panel; programs and features; turn windows features on or off - you need telnet client enabled. My netgear stuff is all on my S: drive so at the command prompt I enter:

"S:\netgear dgnd3700\telnetenable\telnetenable.exe" E0469A6F644C Gearguy Geardog

Hope this helps.
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