I have brought this router just over a month now and been having issues...

i have configured the router as follows:

ADSL2+ via BT, Standard DHCP giving out address on 192.168.1.x network
2.4ghz running at 300mps called wireless1 and 5.0ghz running at 300mbps called wireless2.

problems i am having is.

network connectivity stops working on 2.4 including internet, when this happens i see the speed drops from 184mbps to like 11mbps then 6.5mbps, this happens all the time, i decided to swap out my usb dongle (was belkin) but still same problem using the dnda3100v2, i have change channel from auto to one that is not being used much 11 and this has added 11 and 7 for some reason but still same problems.

also i have noticed that at times the 2.4 just disappears making my iphone use 3g and when i try to connect manually it just saids it can't

on my 5.0ghz i am only seeing it connected at 54mbps should i not be getting 300! am i running on channel 34 or 36 for this, i do not get network issues on this at all but just slow speeds.

can anyone advise? i have also upgraded to latest firmware but same issues.

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Re: Dgnd3700

With regards to your WiFi connection speed, double check the settings and also use a program such as inSSIDer. inSSIDer will display the maximum potential connection speed. Anything less will be down to your location and the adaptor in the device which you are using.
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